Welcome to Fav’rit Daughter Designs!   I love to spend my free time beach combing in Maine, primarily on Long Island in Casco Bay.  My parents and I spent many hours together doing this when I was young.  I love to turn the treasures I find into unique pieces of wearable art.  My Gallery page includes a sampling of available pieces.  If you see something you would like to purchase, simply fill out the Contact page.  I have MANY, MANY more pieces that are not included in the gallery so please feel free to reach out to me if there is something specific you are looking for.

My mussel shell necklaces start out as plain beach stones.  I spend hours combing the beach for stones that are the right shape.  I then drill and hand-paint each stone.  Each is unique.  Similarly, the ocean wave necklaces I paint on oval, teardrop and round stones I’ve collected.  Every piece is a labor of love.

My jewelry makes a wonderful and reasonably priced gift for anyone who loves the ocean.  You may notice that the sea glass earrings are not exactly alike and that is because they were made by nature. It is fun to find two pieces that work together!  Also, I use tarnish-resistant silver plated wire for all of my earrings and pendants.  Necklaces come on 18″ silver plated chain or black nylon cord.  22″ chains are available upon request and length of nylon cord can be customized.

Thank you for visiting my site!  Andrea Roma

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