To place an order, please note the description and contact me using the Contact page.  I  accept all major credit cards and Venmo.   I can also share additional photos as needed. My direct email address is

Please note:  some items featured on this page may sell at the shows I am doing.  I will update this page as soon as possible when this occurs.  I have many other pieces to choose from.

Hand-painted blue mussel rock on 18″ tarnish resistant silver-plated chain
Hand-painted purple mussel rock on 18″ tarnish resistant silver-plated chain

“Rock Lobstah” 12″x 16″ for $80.00 or 8″x10″ for $60.00

“I spy with my beach-combing eye” 12″x12″ wall art. Comes with list of treasures to find. $80.00 each
12″x12″Welcome wreath – $45.00 each (can be made with color requested color schemes)
Maine Sea Glass Heart Box 4 1/2″x 4 1/2″ – painted and lined $45.00 each
Can be ordered in other colors including pink, purple, green and dark blue.

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