I collect sea glass, beach pottery and beach stones.

Beach stone collection includes natural, coated and hand-painted pieces. They are hand-drilled, painted and/or coated in clear poly to protect. I use tarnish-resistant, silver-plated wire that stands up very well to wear. I also use tarnish-resistant, silver-plated chains or black nylon cord. Sterling silver is also an option in special orders. Current painted options include Ocean Wave, Purple or Blue Mussel Shell, Sunflower, Lupine, Daisy, Blueberries and Lobster Buoys.

Earrings $26 pair Necklaces $26 ea

Maine sea glass jewelry is 100% genuine. I collect it myself and then look for pieces that look good together as earrings or sets. I have many options and colors to choose from. Earrings are $20 pair and necklaces $20 ea.

I also make jewelry from beach pottery I find. Earrings are $20 pair and necklaces $20 ea.

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