Covid summer

Like you, my summer is a little different this year! No craft fairs, no Kennebunk Artisans Market, etc. I have been trying to take advantage of the extra time I have had to work more in my studio (aka the goddess cave!). I’ve managed to get down to the island a few times and have spent many quality hours combing my favorite beaches.

I’ve made quite a few “I spy with my beach-combing eye..” wall hangings. These are a lot of fun to make and I have kept one thinking that it will be fun whenever we have kids visiting. I take an inventory of all of the beach treasures on each piece and include that as the list for you to “beach comb” with.

I’ve also been putting together some new pieces based on a suggestion from my hubby. I had created a Jackman version for my son and daughter using items I’ve collected while “up to camp.” I have also created several blended pieces that have beach treasures along the coast and forest treasures for the inland parts of the state.

Thank you for visiting my site. Stay safe and well! Andrea

This is an example of a piece that blends treasures from the ocean with treasures from the forest. All items I found on my adventures in Maine. The versions I did for 2 of my kids included a genuine moose poop (coated with poly) that marked Jackman on the map! It’s a favorite get-away for our family.

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